A self-inking stamp is a water-based stamping machine with an ink pad built-in and automatically re-inks each time impression is made. 

A self-inking stamp is best for stamping large quantities as it works quickly with a simple press. It can handle rough us. 

And can also use a variety of inks. It is also very affordable, and it makes a good quality impression.  

The self-inking stamp is only some inches high and an inch or two wide. It has three components which are the actual stamp, the stamp pad, and the frame. The frame houses the actual stamp and the stamp pad. 

The stamp uses a specific manual motion to work, although this is seamless as it places the link from the ink pad onto the stamp. 

When using the self-inking stamp, one must hold the handle and place the bottom part of the stamp on the paper like to have the stamp. Now, one press down the handle which will be able to go down about an inch. By this, the stamp is inked by the pad. As one continues, the stamp pad rotates away from each other while the stamp is placed directly towards the paper. With continued pressure, the stamp becomes wet with ink and then presses against the paper, leaving its mark.  

The Question Now is, Can the Self-Inking Stamp Exhaust its Ink? 

The self-inking stamp can have its ink exhausted, although after about 10,000 impressions. The idea of the machine is to save one from having to ink the stamps by oneself with an oil-based ink that has been stored in a reservoir behind the pre-ink stamp. One needs to apply pressure on the self-inking stamp, which automatically re-inks and ready for use with another application of force. 

Can Self-Inking Stamps be Refilled? 

Yes, self-inking stamps can be refilled. The machine makers designed it so well that even as it is efficient, it is also refillable.  

If the stamp impressions are getting light, this implies that the ink is getting low. Re-inking it would give a better appearance and prolong the life of the stamp. Below is the step-by-step way to refill the ink of a self-inking stamp; 

Pull out the ink pad by slightly pushing down the stamp and the buttons on the side to lock into position. With the inkpad pulled out, add a few drops of ink, about 1-2 drops, then fit it back into the stamp. It is better to add a few drops and then test it, and if there's a need for more, it can be added rather than add too much ink to the pad, which cannot be removed in any way. 

In refilling a self inking stamp, one should make sure that the ink color used previously is the same to be used. It is because the original ink would still be left in the stamp. 

The ink should be left for some minutes to absorbed by the ink pad, and afterward, the stamp should be tested with some impressions on scrap paper.