With multiple sticker designs at your disposal, you have the freedom to arrange them in the positions you want, and exclude those that are not needed at that specific spot. This can make your storefront look more welcoming or professional, depending on your preferences. 

This does not mean you are restricted to doors and windows: you can place them on company vehicles, turning your fleet into mobile advertisements as well. For example, a plumber or an electrician with a small company can go to a client’s house, and on the way, another potential customer might see their truck and contact them for a job on their home. 

The key is knowing beforehand the benefits you want by sticker printing. If you want to attract people, focus on the company logo design; if you want people to engage with you, add social media; if you want people to know what your business offers, list your main services as well. 

Other Uses For Stickers 

There are also other uses for sticker printing. These can be used to indicate company policies, like opening and closing hours, or the forbiddance of animals or certain items in the premises.  

Nowadays you may have a large focus towards modernizing your company’s aesthetics, for more current designs, so you may exchange your white, somewhat ugly no smoking sign for a more stylish sticker design that, while still visible, will not be an eyesore. 

You can also use them to subtly indicate locations inside your business. A small design may indicate the office spaces, while another could point towards a storage area. 

All of these uses for stickers will grant you significantly more flexibility, at a lower cost, and with more visually appealing designs than the posters and signs of old.