You don't want to commit yourself straight away and spend thousands of dollars on expensive graphic design training? Understandable!

Because no matter whether you see your professional future in this area or want to learn to create your own designs for fun and private interest: Such a professional course costs a lot of money.

Suppose you are unsure whether you want to do a degree, distance learning, apprenticeship, or further education as a graphic designer. In that case, you can first carefully approach the topic and learn graphic design alone, online, and free of charge. 

Free Graphic Design Lesson Sources 

For example, on YouTube, you can find many tutorials on how to use various graphic design tools. How about a Photoshop course or tutorial on InDesign? 

In addition to videos, you can also browse the various manuals for graphic design tools and try out for yourself creating your designs, for example, with InDesign. It's not for nothing that people say: Practice makes perfect! 

There is another advantage to familiarizing yourself with this area on your own first: If you already have the basics, you open doors to various courses and degree programs (because previous knowledge or application portfolios are often required), and you can perhaps save even more money because you don't have to take all the basic courses or modules. 

Further Education and Distance Learning Graphic Design 

Some of you may be too late to embark on a full degree or vocational training in graphic design. Either the time or the money or both are missing. 

There are numerous options for distance learning graphic design. This happens more often than you think and is not a problem. Because graphic design is an area that is also extremely popular with career changers, and of course, they cannot simply quit their job to go back to university. 

This gap in the market for part-time alternatives was quickly recognized, which is why there are extremely many courses, further training opportunities, and options for distance learning in graphic design and logo design

Such offers are usually not very cheap, but you can acquire new skills on the side that you can hopefully use profitably later. As always, in the field of education, it is about investing in your future! 

You ask yourself: What does a distance learning graphic design course cost? Or: where can I find a good online school for design? 

Well, there are, of course, numerous offers that vary in scope and price. You pay a full package price with some providers, while others charge for the individual courses or modules. 

Depending on what previous knowledge and basics you already have, the latter option can help you save costs on distance learning graphic design. 

A very well-known provider of online graphic design training is OfG. Suppose you have all twelve courses. If you have attended modules, the price is € 1,788 (€ 149 per course or module). 

You complete the graphic design degree 100% online and complete the courses flexibly in terms of time. Since the further training is certified by the state, one also receives an official qualification: "Certified Graphic Designer (OfG)." 

Are you wondering how long an OfG degree in graphic design takes? As is so often the case, the answer is: it depends. If you have the time to invest 10 hours a week in distance learning graphic design in addition to your main job, you will need almost exactly a year.  

If you can use more or fewer hours per week, the OfG distance learning course in graphic design will take shorter or longer accordingly.