Every year, trends are renewed in various professional areas, generally linked to the arts. Graphic design is no exception to the rule.  That is why we are going to offer you an interesting tour of trends in vogue this 2021. 

If you are a proud member of the guild, you should stay reading until the end because the information will be very useful. If you are not a graphic designer, there are more reasons to read this article; so you can get up-to-date with the trends, and will be able to help you boost your projects. 

Intense colors, retro style, geometric shapes: A hodgepodge for 2021 

This 2021 promises an eye-catching bet in the graphic design area, which brings various elements together that you can make the best use to create a unique project.  Graphic trends include 3D, icons, mixtures and color gradients with which no creative work will go unnoticed. 

Among these trends we may find certain incongruities; far from being disharmonious, may turn out to be a very amusing experiment. It is expected, although minimalism will not say goodbye, it will have to share the stage with maximalism, its open opponent. 

From what has been mentioned about it, graphic designers will have a lot of wood to gnaw on. The options are on the table and what is expected in 2021 in the area of design is a fun and colorful bet that aims at daring and intelligent formulas. 

Dualism and confrontation: that is part of what we will be able to see this 2021 in terms of graphic design trends.   

Graphic design trends for 2021 

A designer could feel in front of a long list of ingredients with which he will feel like preparing the most succulent dishes. In fact, that and more is what this year offers in terms of trends for graphic designers. 

To get into the subject, we would like to tell you that a trend is spreading for this 2021; the gradient. This is based on the use of various shades, whose final result achieves a high impact effect, very linked to modern, functional and chic. It is often used to make designs more vibrant and current. 

Another trend making its way this year is known as "surrealism". The great variety of sizes and planes that combine could make you think  they are the result of processing an image through a program such as Adobe Photoshop; but the big surprise is that it is not, so because it is a technique of visual perception. 

Minimalism will continue to be present in graphic design, characterized by the use of few elements, where the content is actually the main protagonist. In its counterpart we will find maximalism, a trend characterized by brightly colored backgrounds where all the elements are combined in a kind of delicious chaos. 

Collages are back in vogue in 2021. The great innovation graphic designers make about this retro trend, based on the combination of several images; is the incorporation of illustration elements with the superimposition of graphics. 

Following the spirit of duality we have already mentioned, what is sought is the contrast, between imperfection and harmony. 

In terms of typography, retro vintage trends will dominate in 2021; with a futuristic addition will once again put on the table the risky combinations that will set the tone in graphic design this year. 

On the other hand, geometric shapes will also have their share of prominence. This responds to the need to produce contrasts will attract attention and provide greater depth and body to the message. As nothing is random, this incorporation is very valid if we take into account that the proposal aims at harmony in the midst of chaos. 

The colors, on the other hand, following this pattern of "ordered disorder" can be seen in really innovative and risky combinations. As expected, many web pages will stand out with bright colors and mixtures of tones that do not follow a common pattern; but that surprisingly in practice manage to harmonize perfectly. 

The 3D graphic design will continue to grow and develop new proposals. 3D visual elements are gaining prominence, both as main elements and as support elements to enrich the user's experience. 

On the other hand, data visualization will be simplified. Unlike other years in which the focus was on attracting attention through design elements, in 2021 the focus will be on content. The priority is anchored to the presentation of data with very simple graphics to make it easy to understand. 

New digital experiences 

This year in graphic design, the implementation of voice chatbots and the so-called "virtual assistants" are gaining more strength. Thanks to these new tools, people have enriched their experiences when interacting with their devices. Nowadays they are of great help. 

Videos are also part of this new wave and, through graphic design; it will be possible to nurture its contents by means of graphics and texts that will counterbalance a production with difficulties. Don´t forget there are still many restrictions and this represents an opportunity to present material in other formats. 

Another trend will be strong in 2021, as a continuation of what was happening in 2020, is the institution of the dark mode, whose prominence is increasing in web designs. Among its advantages, we can mention the energy savings it provides to the devices and the better appreciation that is achieved of the visual elements. 

Mandreel always at the forefront 

In Mandreel we keep in tune with all current trends because our goal will always be to provide the customer with a rich knowledge experience; with which to develop the best proposal for each project. We like to have all the tools to offer a wider range of options. 

For this 2021, we are much more eager to work and listen to our clients. Your ideas will find in our creatives the best answer oriented to your needs and even better; a quality strategy that combines the best elements of these graphic design trends for 2021.