Do you want to know how to change your wallpaper automatically on schedule? That's what this post will tell you how to do. You can change the wallpaper of your phone daily or swap using dark or light modes. Before the coming of iOS 14, changing iPhone wallpaper was done manually. Today you can automatically change your wallpaper and unlock various possibilities for personalisation. This post tells you how to change your random picture daily. 

Changing Your Phone Wallpaper Using a Random Picture 

With iOS 14, a particular trigger can make automations of the Shortcut app run in the background. Example of such triggers are battery level or date. You will have to change the wallpaper of your iPhone automatically and make a shortcut that selects a random photo, with an automation that operates at a particular time daily. 

Making a Random Photo Shortcut 

First of all you need to make shortcut that will realise 3 tasks by: 

  • Get the album you selected.
  • Select a random photo in your album. 
  • Set the picture as a wallpaper. 

Creating a Shortcut to Change the Wallpaper 

  • Open the application for Shortcut, choose 'My Shortcuts' from the under, select 'All Shortcuts and tap 'Plus' which is at the top-right corner. 
  • Click on the large blue 'Add Action' button close to the middle of the screen. 
  • Look for the action for 'Find Photos'. 
  • When you see that, click on it to include it to your shortcut. Apart from this you can remove it from the list and drop it inside the empty automation.  
  • You will notice that this action has some extra options. Click on 'Add Filter' and begin configuring a particular album. 
  • Click 'Recents' and pick an album. You can organise the photos to make a particular album for the wallpapers. 
  • Look for 'Get Item From List' and then add it.  
  • There is automatic filling of relevant parameters. It will read 'Get First Item from Photos'. Replace 'First Item' with 'Random Item'. 
  • Ensure that you tap 'Show More' and switch off the 'Show Preview' option. You can decide the wallpaper on the Lockscreen, Homescreen or both of them. You need the 3 actions if you click the 'Play' button located on the bottom-right corner, the shortcut will operate and change the wallpaper of your iPhone successfully. Above the screen tap 'Next' and give a name to your shortcut.