Don't Forget the Back Space. 

Don't forget to look at the back of your name card. It's a great place to provide more sales and marketing detail, as well as your mission statement, a map and venue, and product images. When using the back of the name card, keep in mind that if you ever need to write a letter to a prospect, doing the printing on the backside of the card makes this problematic.  

QR Codes Are Fast Gaining Traction. 

Make use of a QR code on your name card. Someone with a smartphone can easily download your contact details by scanning a QR code.  

Enhance it With UV Coating 

Have a high gloss UV coating applied to one side of your name tag. This preserves the card and improves its durability. If your name card has many graphics or images, I suggest you go with UV coating. The UV gloss brings the graphics and pictures to life. If your card only has a logo and text, a UV coating might make it appear cheap, so excellent quality opaque paper would be preferable. 

Bottom Line 

This concludes everything you should know about cheap and expensive name cards. I believe you must have been convinced of the kind of name cards you should utilize. Preferably, using expensive name card printing seems to be better and more presentable to prospective customers. It is essential to know both are relatively good because it all comes down to your budget. In essence, I would advise you to go for a name card that is of high quality.