4. Home & Living: 

People need different daily use things; moreover, they spend a lot of money on decorating their homes. The process of home decoration and good poster printing keeps going. That's why home accessories are the most profitable products to sell. It would help you to get the attention of a large audience. 

5. Mobile Covers: 

Mobile covers are the cheapest products to sell in a print on demand business. You don't have to worry about the designs as the customers themselves give you methods. Get information about favorite things and add them to your design. Keep your price low. If you succeed in sticking to the customers, it will increase the sales of high-margin products. 

Picking your Keyword best print on demand products in the low price market 

Don't design items according to a particular price. Picking the least expensive print on demand items for your store and best print on demand business ought to be done similar to selecting the most costly. If a client can see that you have invested equal energy into planning your entire scope of items, you will get a high profit. 

Low prices and high quality are the best combinations to boost your store value.