When you think of a graphic designer working from home, the image that comes to your mind is of a hardworking person who manages all the tasks on his own with a narrow range of customers. 

On the other hand, a graphic agency has a team of experts with the latest designs and marketing strategies. Here are some reasons that why someone should prefer a graphic design firm over a home graphic designer. 

Professional Team vs a Single Person: 

A home graphic designer has to deal with different things like managing projects, marketing, business development, and so on. He deals with everything without any support. A person can't be the master of every skill. That's why working with a home graphic designer can't be a good idea for your business. 

Graphic design firms have a team of professionals managing accounts, marketing, designs, and business development according to their skills. In a graphic agency, everyone is doing a specific task and they don't have the pressure of doing everything on their own. They provide 100% to the given task and spend their time to bring creative ideas. 

Agencies Provide you a Team of Talented People: 

A business requires a graphic designer not only for a attractive logo design making but there are other projects where you will need the assistance of a graphic designer. If you prefer a home graphic designer, it means you are choosing the limited knowledge and experience of one person whereas graphic agencies give you access to a team of talented people. When a team of professional people is working on your business project, they have more ideas and experience to share. As a result, they can handle your given more effectively. 

Agencies do Project Management in a Better Way: 

Graphic design firms have a proper team for multitasking, they handle your project from start to end. Choosing a graphic agency means having clarity about timescale and cost. No doubt graphic design firm manages your project with professionalism. In case of home graphic designer, you will have to hire several designers to complete all the aspects of your project. You will have no idea that how much time and money your project requires. Hiring different designers can affect the design and management of your project. 

Agencies are Reliability: 

Some graphic designers are good at handling projects but still, there are many risks that you will have to face. For example, you give a task to a home graphic designer and due to personal reasons, he could not complete it on time.  

Graphic agencies are committed to their task. They have a proper team so the personal issues do not affect their work. They will complete your project on time no matter what. That's why graphic design firms are more reliable than home graphic designers. 

Agencies Provide you Consistency: 

If you are running a business, then your relationship with the graphic design will not be temporary. You must need permanent graphic designing services for the maintenance of your business. Choosing a home graphic designer is not a good option in that case. You need a team of professionals who can analyze your business and give you a better experience. The experience and knowledge of one person seem very narrow in front of a whole team. Moreover, the availability of a single graphic designer is not guaranteed.  

You can hire a graphic design firm permanently to handle your projects. Because of all the reasons that are mentioned before, agencies have better services to provide than a home graphic designer.