2. Coated Paper 

As the name suggests, coated paper refers to paper which surface is coated with surface sealant (typically clay) to give certain qualities to the paper. Coated paper is smoother and more durable than the uncoated one. It gives a cleaner and crisper look to your printed work so it’s best for photo printing. However, it doesn’t absorb ink well. Several coated paper finishes are listed below: 

  • Gloss. Gloss finish has a high sheen and is polished. This finish reduces ink absorption that allows colours to reflect and contrast well with the ink. This finish is good for photo printing.  
  • Film. Film finish use the thinnest application of clay than other coated paper finishes. 
  • Matte. Matte finish has great bulk and it’s the opposite of gloss finish (low sheen). This finish is good for body copy and other multicolours printing such as brochures and name cards. 
  • Dull. Dull finish has moderate level of sheen that makes it fall in the category between gloss finish and matte finish. It gives a subtle and classy feel to the paper. Dull finish is perfect for name cards Singapore, catalogues, sales pieces, etc.