Most of you must be familiar with "fonts", right? Especially when making documents such as resume or name cards on your laptop, you must be familiar with "Times New Roman 12 pts." or "Calibri 14 pts." 

Basically, font is a word that refers to the specific typeface, width, and height! But what about typeface? Comic Sans, Cambria, and Helvetica are some examples of typefaces. So, we can conclude that a typeface is a set of characters that have the same features. 

Since we know that there are tons of fonts, we can use whether in typing documents or creating designs, does it really matter that we choose the right one? Yes, absolutely! 

Here are a few reasons why choosing the right font is super important! 

1. Readability 

First thing first, it is important to know that font affects readability! Choosing the wrong font that makes people struggle to read and understand the information, in the end, will only make them confused and give up. As a result of choosing the wrong font, people may even close their book from the beginning, they stop reading all the information in the brochure, or they may refuse to read the information on the poster because the fonts used are difficult to read. Because of that, choosing the right font, including typeface, size, and style, is something that important to do!   

2. It Helps to Point Out Important Information and Create Hierarchies! 

To get a better understanding of a lot of information, hierarchy is indispensable! That's why we often find hierarchies used in books, journals, presentations, websites, or even newspapers. Its main purpose, of course, is to help readers understand important information only at a glance.