3. Identity  

McDonald's, Intel, and Ford are just a few of the brands that most of you can associate with specific fonts. That is why choosing the right font is important since it has the power to build identity. Plus, choosing the right font will help you build brand recognition, and remind people about your brand! So, isn't that great? 

4. Impressions 

What do you think if a romantic book uses the Harry Potter font for its cover? Maybe people who see the cover will think that the book is not a romance book. What about creating a formal document using Comic Sans or other novelty fonts? What will people think about that? People may think that the document looks informal and is not enough to convince them. So, because fonts can create impressions, you need to choose the right one!   

All of the points above are just a few of the many reasons why choosing the right font is absolutely important to do! Hopefully, by knowing some of the points above, you can get a better understanding of how important it is to choose the right font is. So, take your time and choose the perfect font for your paper, design, logo, resume, business card, invitation card or maybe your presentation slide! Finally, thank you for reading and good luck!