Clear stamps are great stamps but they are different from rubber stamps. Rubber stamps have their own features. This post tells you the difference between rubber and clear stamps. 

Difference in Conditioning 

It is necessary to condition clear stamps before you use them. Some people use fine grit sand paper, however the best way is to use a standard pink eraser to scuff off the surface, to enable the stamp to carry the ink. In its new state, clear stamps will repel the ink so that you see it in little surface drops when inking. 

Durability Difference 

Clear stamps are not as durable as rubber stamps. Rubber stamps can last longer for a pretty good time. Polymer stamps can harden or become gooey with time. This is caused by bleaching, acetone, oil based products, indoor lighting and sunlight. 

Storage Difference 

You can store clear stamps in a container that is light free like cardboard shoe box. Indoor light can harden clear stamps and discolor them, unlike rubber stamps. These stamps consist of light-sensitive material which a light process develops. You can use wood stamp storage solutions to store stamps that are mounted on wood. Store them in pizza boxes that are not used yet and clean. Tackle boxes are suitable for storage when strong for a small stash. Such stamps can be stored in shelving units and plastic drawer units that are shallow. This is suitable for few stamps though. When choosing a storage solution, choose one that is best for storage according to the type of storage. Avoid soaking rubber stamps since this can spoil them. 

Cleaning and Using Difference 

The most suitable choice for polymer stamps are not solvent based inks. It is a kind of ink difficult to clean off and this is without applying a special cleaner. Rubber stamps can involve the use of solvents for cleaning off. Using a StazOn Cleaner can spoil a polymer stamp. Baby wipes are a great way of clearing polymer stamps. You can apply alcohol, water and soap. Certain cleaners are made for using polymer stamps. Polymer stamps are made with a developing process, instead of pressing towards a mold, it is not as detailed as rubber stamps. There can be a high difference with stamps. There is a huge difference between clear and rubber stamps. There is a difference with details of photo polymers, between clear stamps and a high quality rubber stamp. The photo polymers will have to enlarge the entire lines of the stamp, make this stamp darker and bolder.  

Difference in Pigment 

There is much difference between unconditioned and conditioned stamps in the pigment ink used. This is a notable difference between clear and rubber stamps. Certain rubber stamps can need conditioning when new. Fine grit sand paper works preferably to the pink eraser. The stamps require conditioning when they are new. It has a release agent which can be sanded off. 

These are the Differences Between Rubber and Clear Stamps.