When it comes to business, there are always ways to increase. It is important to advance your business. There are many interesting ways as the key to success. Collaboration with other companies can be a good choice. It can spread your business to new customers and you can also exchange customers. 

Collaboration is usually done by bringing the products of each company together. This article explains collaboration using digital wallpapers. If you have a digital or design business in Singapore that provides digital wallpaper, you can collaborate with one of these businesses. 

Mobile Phone Company 

The phone becomes the most important thing that everyone needs. If you buy a new phone, surely you aware that it has default wallpaper. Sometimes it looks cool so people don’t need to change it. Usually, there are pictures like splash, pattern, or abstract. You can design stunning digital wallpaper and collaborate with those mobile phone companies to make digital wallpaper their default. 

Editing App 

The editing app has free themes that people can use. They consist of several theme options. This is usually used as inspiration for renewals. You can collaborate with them by providing free digital wallpaper themes that people can use and edit. Create a simple design so it is easier to edit from your original design and it has more scope for creativity.