One of the most important things within a company is that the company secretary enforces all corporate governance rules through planning, directing, and executing autonomous decisions. 

To ensure the benefits of a company's interests, the company secretary must not only provide practical advice but also make timely and effective decisions through a balanced set of considerations that can be considered as the commandments of the SC. 

Information Collector 

The first "commandment" consists of collecting transcendental information that benefits the interests and the present and future of the company. 

Liaison Between The Board Of Directors And The Management Group 

It is vitally important that the company secretary serves as an intermediary between all executive and managerial parts of a company. On the other hand, he cannot hide information that goes against the interests of the executives and the company. 

Develop A Working Relationship With Executives 

Developing a professional and labor bond with the rest of the company's executives will allow us to generate a record of all the interests of the parties involved in the company.