Monitor All Important Information 

The company secretary must supervise all the information that is shared with the executives and management groups. In this way, better control over the information is carried out and litigation affecting the interests of the company is avoided. 

Approve Or Disapprove The Information 

After monitoring the information, the information must be approved according to the filters and standards developed by the CS and the company when the board meetings are held. 

Development Of Tools 

The company secretary must develop and implement the necessary tools so that the management groups and the board of directors can communicate and follow all the guidelines and norms of the company unilaterally. One efficient method is to create standardized templates for all stakeholders to communicate about important issues. 

Not To Be An Ornament 

The tasks of a company secretary already transcend mere tasks or traditional activities. A CS must be proactive, and ensure that all board ordinances are carried out accurately and effectively. 

Consider Different Communication Methods  

The CS must have the ability to adapt to different scenarios. Today, because of the pandemic, many companies have had to take new measures to avoid being dramatically affected.

For the current situation in the world, the SC must consider virtual communications to carry out all the corresponding meetings and tasks. 

Being Organized 

The company secretary must be organized in all his tasks. This implies using the necessary tools to manage all the records, documents, and activities that are under his responsibility. In this way, the integrity and interests of the company are protected. 

Communicate Whenever Necessary 

To avoid delaying results or errors, company secretaries should contact the appropriate persons whenever necessary. There should be frequent communication with any questions or problems. 

The company secretary is a cornerstone for any corporate governance, therefore all these considerations must be assimilated within a corporation if you want to have a successful present and future.