4. Using Too Many Font Types In 1 Design 

One of the biggest mistake designers make, especially beginners are the tendency to use too many fonts in their designs. In general, the best thing you can do in typographic art is to limit one piece to only three different types of fonts. T

oo many types of fonts can make your readers feel uncomfortable reading them and make your postcard printing design look choppy. 

5. Wrong Determining Reasonable Line Length 

This is another legibility problem that is also often done unknowingly. Too many lines can make it difficult for readers to find the next line and can eventually hinder one’s understanding of the message being conveyed.

In general, the ideal line length or amount of text in a typographic piece is around 50-60 characters. 

So, those are some common mistakes that are often found in typographic art. Apart from having many aesthetically pleasing forms, typography in Singapore also has a role to communicate ideas or information from a page to observers or readers.

Therefore, you as a designer must be smart to pay attention to several things when creating typography.