Mistakes are human - this also applies to video editing. Some of the most exciting new "techniques" stem from machining errors. Be that as it may, we want to help save you time and effort.  

That's why we're introducing you to our five most common editing errors below people often made. 

#1 Bad/Uneven Sound Quality 

When you get into video editing, getting a grip on the sound can be difficult. Your timeline usually contains two to three components of audio: music, speech, and the sound of your video clip. If the audio track from the original clip is not needed, the first thing to do is remove it. I 

#2 Jump Cuts 

Every cutting technique has its moment. A jump cut technique is a proven video editing technique that is used to skip time. It is used to move the story forward. Beginners usually use jump cuts too often because they don't know which other cutting techniques they can use.

This is particularly noticeable when time is cut out of a single frame within a recording: suddenly, a figure is in a completely different position within a scene. 

#3 Incomplete Transitions 

This error occurs when the length of the transition is longer than the clip before it. It is common for editors to transition between two clips, one of which is not long enough.

The clip before the transition disappears, and viewers see a black screen for a brief moment during the transition. 

#4 Inappropriate Music 

Have you ever seen a video with slow music and fast pictures - or vice versa? Fast cuts and rapid camera movements should be supported by fast and energetic music. Nothing seems as out of place as a sad, soulful scene with happy background music, such as "Happy" by Pharrell Williams.

As you edit your video, make sure your music choices match the mood of the scene. You should also pay attention to the music license to make sure that you are allowed to use the piece of music.