#5 Inconsistent Graphic Design 

You don't have to be a graphic design expert - but you should make sure that the fonts, colors, and sizes are consistent throughout your video.

One of the biggest mistakes a beginner makes when producing a video is using different fonts in different colors and styles. This distracts the viewer from the content. 

Pro tip: 

  1. Decide on font and stick with it. 
  2. Use this font for information in the lower third of the screen, title displays, and other notes. 
  3. Decide on a color palette and stick with it. 
  4. Change the design where appropriate. 


If you're getting into video editing, these five tips will help you avoid common editing mistakes so that your finished video will make an even more impactful impression on your company logo design.

The ultimate goal in video editing is always to tell your extraordinary story. Sometimes it can also be helpful to consciously break the rules customary in the industry for creative reasons.

The five tips presented in this post are just meant to help make your video look more professional.