Have you ever heard about a common seal in Singapore? It is an important tool that holds varying benefits around the office. Learn more about it here:

Common Seal Definition and Purposes

A common seal is a tool that is most commonly used for office works. It works by embossing a piece of paper using two plates that are pressed against the front and backside of a surface so that a mark in which design has been engraved on the said plate is impressed on the paper.

A common seal works as a way to authenticate a document before it gets issued by a company. It represents the decision of authorization regarding any legal papers of a company. It is the official signature that is very important. Thus, it must be kept safe at all times.

A common seal used to be mandatory in the past. But now, most countries accept simply the signature of the company director for document authorization.

Even so, a common seal is still widely used due to its many benefits. What's really great about it is that it gives off a sense of propriety and increases the professionalism of a company.

Obtaining a Common Seal

A common seal can simply be ordered to a manufacturer. However, you first must design the common seal. What must be present in the design of a common seal is the company logo as well as the registration number. You might be questioning where can you get a registration number? Well, you first have to register your company with the government according to the existing laws and regulations. After everything is approved and your company is registered, you will be granted a registration number and date.

You can design your common seal in any way you want, just make sure that the essentials are present. It is best to consult with the manufacturer whether a design is feasible for production or not. After coming to an agreement, all you have to do is wait while your common seal is processed.

Is a Common Seal Still Required?

This is one of the most popular questions regarding a common seal. The answer is pretty much yes. It may not be an obligatory tool anymore for several countries, however, there are still some others that still regard the importance of a common seal. You might be working with a company from a country with such laws and regulations, and it is best to be prepared. A common seal is not expensive and there are more benefits of having it than the downsides, so there's really no reason why you shouldn't have one.

If you are interested in getting your own common seal now, you can start by checking the validity of your company registration date or register your company first if you haven’t. Start designing today and find the best common seal manufacturer around. If there’s none, it is a great option to try looking up one on the internet with shipping options available. This is a far more convenient way of ordering many manufactured and printed goods nowadays.