A company seal in Singapore is a tool that is very beneficial for a company. It is most known for its purpose of helping with the process of document authorization and authentication. Back in the day, it was a lot more important because it was absolutely mandatory. But now, in many countries, this rule no longer applies. A document now can get authorized simply with the signature of the company director. However, many company executives still choose to add the common seal's impression along with their signature because it brings a lot of benefits. Some of them are:

1. International Business

A common seal can really help if you are about to work or be affiliated with an overseas company where the country's laws still see a common seal as something mandatory. The documents needed for the business between the two companies need to be authorized and authenticated with the common seal so that they can get acknowledged by the overseas courts too. Always being prepared will do you good, so make sure that you have your common seal manufactured even before you need it.

2. Professional and Proper

By adding the impression of the common seal along with the signature of the company director, the document sent toward the recipient will look more important and proper. It will give off a more formal feel and the recipient of your document will be able to appreciate you more and pay further attention to the correspondence you send.

3. Signature Substitution

A common seal can be powerful enough to substitute the signature of the company's director under certain circumstances. For instance, if the director is not available in the office when a document needs to be executed. That's why a common seal needs to be kept safe because it can be misused if it gets to the hand of an irresponsible person.

4. Confirms Authenticity

A common seal can really help in making sure that a document is authentic. It is not easy to forge the mark of a common seal compared to fake a signature. So company executives prefer to add the mark of a common seal along with their signature as they execute important documents so that the recipient of it can be sure that they receive a document that can be trusted and from the right source.

Obtaining A Common Seal

It is quite simple to get one. All you have to do is design the common seal and have it manufactured. But before that, you have to make sure that your company has already registered with the government. It is because you need to include the company registration number on the design of the common seal for it to be acknowledged as a valid seal.

A common seal only takes a short time to be manufactured. Some places can even produce it within a day. If you are in a hurry, this option can be helpful for you. Although, it costs you a lot more.

If you are about to manufacture your common seal, make sure that you find the best place that can produce a high-quality common seal so that you can get a seal that is durable and long-lasting.