Back in the day, it was mandatory for companies to have a common seal because only with a common seal a company can formally authorize and issue a document. However, the law changed and the use of a common seal is often no longer an obligation in many countries. Now, the process of document authorization can be done simply with the signature of the company director.

Even so, it does not mean that a common seal is entirely not needed anymore. In fact, it is an item that holds a lot of benefits and you would be missing out on so much if you don't own one.

Here are some of the great things that you can get if you have a common seal for your company:

1. Open Up to More Opportunities

Some countries indeed no longer require the presence of the common seal's mark on a document for it to be recognized as something legal or authorized. However, some others still do. It is not impossible that one day you might be able to get the chance of working with an overseas company or firm where the law for common seal still states that it is mandatory. You have to always be prepared for this. If you can't provide your own company's common seal, you might be able to make a deal with them and miss on a good chance to expand your business or start an advantageous team up with a foreign company.

2. Look More Professional

Despite no longer being a necessity, it definitely won't hurt to still use it for documents as they get authorized and authenticated. Actually, this gesture will make you come off as professional and proper. It may be a small thing, but it can greatly impact your image and give off a better impression upon the receipt of your documents.

3. Authenticity Confirmation

A signature can be easily forged, however, the mark of a common seal is a little more difficult compared to a signature. With the mark of a common seal along with the signature of the company director, a document will have more power and reassurance that it is indeed authentic. The recipient of the document can be sure that they are receiving a document that is sent by a reputable and trusted source.

4. Emergency Substitution

A common seal is powerful enough to substitute the signature of the company director on special occasions, for example, if a document needs to be authorized and authenticated immediately when the director is not present in the office. The company director can release a statement and authorization for the company secretary to use the common seal in the signature's stead. It is considered proper and it can truly be a savior of the day. It is always best to be prepared for conditions like this.

To get a common seal, you simply have to design it according to the existing rules and laws that decide its validity. Then, find a reputable seal manufacturer to have your seal produced.