If your company still hasn't had a common seal yet, then it is time for you to consider it. It is a tool that might be small, but very advantageous. Even though a Singapore common seal is no longer mandatory in a lot of countries, you can still get various benefits from owning it. Many companies, even big ones, still choose to use a company seal to authorize and authenticate documents as an accompaniment of the company director's signature. Here are more benefits and advantages that you can get from owning a common seal:

1. Look More Professional and Proper

If you add the mark of a common seal along with the signature of the company's director before approving a document for the issue, you will appear more proper and professional. It will give you the impression of a company that pays attention to even a small detail and not only that, the mark of a common seal will also make the document feel and look more professional. It will heighten the chance of it getting properly read and taken seriously.

2. Confirms Document's Authenticity

People who receive the document with a mark of your company's common seal can be sure that they are not receiving a fake letter or document. Since a common seal is an important official mark that represents the entire corporation, the recipient of your document can confirm the authenticity of the document that they receive.

3. Overseas Business

Some countries indeed no longer see a common seal as a mandatory item. However, some still do. If you ever get the chance to work with one of these companies, then you have to be able to provide the mark of your company's common seal especially for documents that are used in the process of affiliation so that everything can be regarded as valid and legal by the overseas courts. It is best to always come prepared, so even if you don’t need it yet, there’s truly no harm in making one for your company.

How to Get a Common Seal?

This is most likely the question that popped out in your mind after reading the benefits that you can get with it. Well, it is simple. All you simply have to do is design the common seal that you want. Preferably, a common seal is designed simply and the design must include the logo of the company as well as its registration number. After finishing the design, what's left to do is hand it to a common seal manufacturer for production. You will get your common seal within several working days. If your common seal does not have a registration number of the company, then it won’t be regarded as a valid seal. Inserting the registration number of the company is a must, and you can obtain the number only if you have successfully registered your company with the government. If you haven’t, then you have to check on all the requirements to be able to get your company registered.