If you are in a formal business, you should be familiar with a common seal. It is an important tool that every company should have. If you are unfamiliar with it, then you should definitely learn more about the common seal’s definition, purpose, and how to actually get one.

Common Seal Definition

A common seal is often used in a formal business setting. It is a tool that leaves an embossed mark made by two metal plates where a piece of paper is sandwiched between the two. It is an ink-free process that only leaves a distinct mark on the piece of paper, leaving the surface dented according to the mark that is carved on the metal.

Common Seal Purpose

A common seal is best known for its purpose of authenticating a formal or legal document so that it can be regarded as valid and official before it get released by the company. A common seal's mark represents the decision of the whole company and is the official signature, so it holds a very important role and must be kept safe so that it won't be used by irresponsible people.

Back in the day, a common seal was absolutely mandatory. However, now, in some countries, it is no longer a must. Simply, a document can be authorized by the signature of the company's director. Even so, many executives still decide to use it because it is a way to properly issue a document and make the company look more professional.

How to Get a Common Seal

Getting a common seal is quite simple. All you have to do is design how you want the common seal’s mark to be, usually the logo of your company, and make an order for it to a common seal manufacturer. However, not just any company can do this. A company that is allowed to get a common seal is only a company that has already been registered with the government. It is because in the design of a common seal, you have to include the registration number of your company and this can only be obtained if the registration of the company is approved. Only the mark of a common seal that has the registration number is regarded as valid.

The design of a common seal has no rule, meaning that you can design it however you want. However, it is best to keep it simple. And of course, don't forget to include the registration number of your company in the design.

This design will be carved onto the piece of metal that will be attached to a handle along with another piece of metal to make it a completed common seal. It does not take a long time to produce and it usually does not cost much too. Some common seal manufacturers can even produce it within a day. Of course, this costs more than normal speed. It is best to get a high-quality common seal so that it can be durable for the long time uses.