3 Most Common Types of Rubber Stamp That You Can Buy in Singapore

A stamp is an important thing to have on your desk. Stamps come in a variety of shapes and sizes. A stamp is often used to imprint the company name and emblem onto important documents that must be signed in order to protect the document's validity and ensure the company's responsibility for any decisions taken on the document. More than that, stamps can be useful for various other reasons and can allow people to work more efficiently around the workplace.

There are several types of stamps that you can order to have the best stamp for your daily needs.

1. Plastic self-inking stamp
A plastic self-inking stamp is one that does not need a separate ink pad and is made of plastic. It is straightforward to use and transport. You would not have to panic if the ink cartridge runs dry because it is replaceable. Depending on the brand and the amount of ink it can hold, it can print up to 10,000 imprints. It guarantees flawless labelling in each of its applications and is extremely useful for your everyday needs. This type of stamp produces a better image than a rubber wooden stamp.

2. Wood handle stamp
This is one of the most common stamp styles that has been around for a long time. It is easy to come by, and it is probably the cheapest stamp you can buy. The handle is made of wood, which is not quite as tough as the plastic stamp.

3. Self-inking metal stamp
The only difference between it and a plastic self-inking stamp is the handle and body material. It is made out of metal, and because of that, this type of stamp is very durable. That is why it is ideally suited to harsh working circumstances and is rarely used for office work. However, you can still choose to make this too if it suits your liking. A metal self-inking stamp can produce high-quality imprints and can be used with any ink colour you want.

4. Embossers
It's a stamp that's quite unique. It produces an indentation on the paper instead of using ink. The paper becomes textured, and the indentation in the form of your choice becomes permanent. It gives off a more polished and sophisticated look. It is, however, likely to be more costly than standard ink stamps. This is most suitable for very important documents and is unlikely to be seen on a regular basis. Embossers aren't compatible with all forms of paper. It's probably best with thicker paper or higher-quality premium paper because if the paper is too thin, it will tear and ruin the entire document.

Whatever the choice of your rubber stamp is, the most important thing is to make sure that you find a manufacturer that can give you the best quality result. Also, match the budget for production with the money that you have. You don't have to push yourself to get the most expensive type of rubber stamp in Singapore. As long as it works for you and can give the result that you want, then you can get one that fits your company expenditure limitation.