There are various kinds of office supplies that are needed in doing business. But have you heard about company chop? Or have you seen it applied before?  

Just in case you are unfamiliar with company chop, it is actually another name of the company stamp. So, basically, both of them are the same thing. 

Company chop is a tool for inking a few companies' information on a surface or document. It is usually made of rubber which is engraved into a particular pattern or image and mounted onto a stable object such as wood or even plastic. And about company information, several basic required information that usually includes on the company chop are the name of the company, registration number, logo, contact, and other information depending on the needs of each business. 

The application of company chop is quite essential in business since it has an important role in it. That's why, if you are starting or running a business, it will be one of those must-have items! But before you own and use it, there are a few things you need to know more about it. Let's see at several things you need to know about company chop below!    

1. Applications 

You may often see company stamp mark on various types of documents. But do you know why it is implemented? That is why in this first point, we are going to talk about the application of company chop because you are not ready to use it until you have an understanding of why it is used.  

In Singapore, a registration number or unique entity number (UEN) must appear generally on all documents issued by the company. Then, to make sure there is a registration number on the document, the company chop is used on it.  

But what if the registration number is already printed on the document? Should we use company chop on it? The answer is no, simply because the company name and registration number have already appeared on the document. So instead of necessity, company chop is more likely to be a form of convenience to put the company name and registration number on the document.  

2. Popular Types of Company Chop 

Before you can start using a company chop, of course, you need to buy company chop Singapore first! But did you know that there is more than one type of rubber stamp for your company chop? Here are some of the most popular types of them! 

  • The first one is the traditional or classic type which has a separate ink pad. 
  • The second one is a pre-inked stamp which generates a sharp and crisp bold impression. 
  • The third one is a self-inking stamp that is perfect for stamping in large quantities. 

3. A Few Factors that Influence the Numbers of Impressions Can Be Made 

Normally, with a self-inking or pre-inked stamp, you can make up to 1000 impressions. But there are several factors that influence how much of an impression you can make with your company chop. So, here are a few of them! 

  • The amount of ink used to make an impression. Actually, it depends on your company chop design and the boldness of the letters used.  
  • The material also influences the number of impressions you can make with your company chop. 
  • The temperature at which you use and store your company chop will the evaporation of ink and determine the number of impressions that can be made using your company chop.