A company chop or rubber stamp is one of the must-have offices supplies in a company or organization. But the question is why? What is the function of company chop?  

Actually, there are various functions why company chop is used. Some of the functions are because company chop can be used as an authorization tool. Also, it can be a tool to make a company's name and registration numbers are legible in documents issued by the company. Therefore, it is necessary to be owned and used until now. 

So, since a company chop is needed, you will better choose to have it. But there are several things you need to know and make sure before you own and order the chop. But what things need to be known and make sure for that? Here are some of them!  

1. Make Sure That You Exactly Know What You Are Gonna Make with Your Company Chop! 

It is important to have a clear understanding of the things you are gonna make, including when it comes to making a company chop! So, to help you understand what you really want to make with your company chop, you can ask some of the questions below!  

  • What kind of company chop would you like to make? 
  • What shape will be suitable for the chop? Round, rectangular, or any other shapes? 
  • How about the size? Do you have a size estimation for that? 
  • How about the design? 
  • What information will be included in the chop?   

2. Make Sure All Information Is Valid and There Are No Typos! 

So, another thing that you have to make sure of is all the information that you are going to put on your chop. Regularly, you will see the company name, registration number, logo, and contacts included on it. But since all the information that will be engraved on your chop is important, it is your responsibility to ensure that every piece of them is valid and the most recent! Moreover, you also need to make sure that there are no typos in any of the information on your chop. Can you imagine if you write your company's registration number wrong? Then your company chop will most likely be unusable.   

3. Make Sure You Choose the Right Type of Chop! 

Did you know that there are more than one variant or types of rubber stamp that can be used as your company chop? Because of that, before you order your company chop, you need to do a little research about each type of them and what their features are. Some of the popular types of chop that you may need to know more about are classic rubber stamp, pre-inked stamp, and self-inking stamp.  

4. Make Sure You Choose the Right Chop Maker! 

The final point in this article is that you have to make sure that you order your company chop in the right place. Not all company chop makers have good results and quality of work. So, to have a good and durable company chop, you need to look for a trusted and experienced maker such as a company chop in Singapore.