A company chop or company stamp is a tool that most of us are familiar with! It is usually made of rubber and widely used by many people in different types of fields. But have you ever wondered why people use it? Or do we really need to add it to documents issued by the company?  

Actually, there are various reasons why the company chop is used and needed when you are running or starting a business. To better find out what makes people need to use it, let's take a look at a few points below!   

1. Authorization 

Actually, the company chop is not mandatory in Singapore, but it is more likely an option. But even though it is optional, there are times when company chop is required for authorization purposes. For instances, you may need it when it comes to rental agreements, official invoices, government documentation, or even license applications. 

2. Company Registration Number Is Essential for Business Documents 

In Singapore, based on the Companies Act, a company's registration number or unique entity number (UEN) need to be legible on documents issued by the company. Since the registration number is one of the basic information contained on the company chop, this is the reason why company chop is still used by many businesses in Singapore even though it is not mandatory.  

Note: For some documents that already have company name and registration number, the application of company chop is not necessary for it. 

3. It Is Easy to Apply! 

Actually, you can stamp documents manually using a company chop or digitally using a computer. But, the good thing about company chop is that it is easier to use since you don't have to be computer literate first. That is why everyone can use it easily.    

4. Brand Awareness 

So, in this fourth point, why do people use company chop is because it can be a way to increase brand awareness. Sounds good, right? 

In short, brand awareness is a term that describes how familiar customers are with a product or a brand. Since company chop usually includes some basic information regarding your business such as the name of your company and logo, that can be a way to increase your brand awareness so your customers can recognize your business more easily.  

5. Credibility 

One of the essential things in business is credibility. But how to make a brand or business credible? There are tons of ways, but one of the easiest ways to make a brand or business credible is by having and using a company chop. It is quite simple but it can be a way to build people trust in your business.  

So, those are some of the reasons why people use company chop! Actually, you are the one that decide whether it is needed for your business or not. But many businesses prefer to have their own company chop as preparation if they will need it later. Besides, don't worry about having it since you will find that the company chop Singapore is sold at an affordable price!