2. The actual design part 

Most of the time, a company seal consist of the name of your company, what year your company was established and the type of company your business is, perhaps it is an LLC or maybe it is a corporation. Sometimes, companies would put their logo on their company seal, or use the font their company has, but make sure it is readable, pick a font and size that is not only readable but also fits into your company aesthetic so it can create a harmonious design. Sometimes companies would do an extra step to their company seal, sometimes they would use ribbons design as the outside part of the seal or add some stars on the inside part of the seal, the list goes on for you to add your finishing touches, just make sure your printing company can print it. 

So there you go, the two most important aspect of designing a company seal, while it does seem daunting but we believe you can do it. Printing a company seal in Singapore should be easy these days, just click the link and it will bring you to the best local printing company in Singapore, or you can send them a WhatsApp and they will help you as soon as possible.