What is a company seal? (Cont.)

A seal is not only used for validating an official document but it can also be used for contract papers, leases, loan documents, etc. but the use of a company seal is strictly prohibited, because if everyone can use it then it will be most likely be misused, therefore usually a secretary is responsible for handling and keeping the company seals. But as time progresses, the use of wax seal has been dropping due to a few disadvantages, namely the temperature and the timing part. If you lift it too early, the design may not even be there, if you lift it too slow, it may get stuck in your seal, ruining it for the next use. But as technology progresses, we start to ditch the wax method and move towards the newer version of seals like the raised method. 

Do I need a company seal then? 

Well, the answer to that question is depending on where your company is registered, in some countries, it is mandatory for a company to have a company seal, like in the People’s Republic of China, the Bahamas, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, etc. unfortunately if you have or want to have a company seal before you made one, you need to process it to the government so that it is registered in the government’s database. However, in some countries, it is not mandatory, or even not required to have one, like in Australia, Singapore, Canada, United States, etc. 

So, there you go, we explain what a company seal is and whether your company need one, if you are in Singapore and you want to make a company seal, you are in luck, just WhatsApp your local printing company and it should be as easy as ordering food from an app.