The "Way" To Influence Must Be Extended Throughout The Company 

One of the ways to improve the company financially and socially is through the recognition and publicity that the world of influencers can offer. We must not forget that influencers are a marketing alternative that companies can use to promote their brand. 

That said, all employees of a company play an important role in improving various aspects of the company. According to a study conducted by the Hays Employment Guide, 77% of employees talk about or recommend the company to their friends or family.

This is a reflection of the fact that employees are the best "ambassadors" a company can have when it comes to exposing its services or products to society.  

On the other hand, the concept of "influencing" can be very effective within a company if it is used correctly, especially when educating and training on any issue of work ethics and corporate values that a company should have.  

For this, the figure of the company secretary is essential because only he is qualified to advise, train and guide the different executive hierarchies of a company, which, at the end of the day, are the only ones who execute the decisions and corporate practices in a company.   

Internal Identification Of Influencers  

According to the same study, only positions and employees with clear leadership can effectively "influence". This is necessary because the main internal objective is to expand the culture of good work ethics and modern corporate values in the company.  

To achieve this, it is necessary to identify that figure whose leadership is necessary to exercise the functions of an influencer. For this reason, the company secretary is taken into account as a fundamental piece for this kind of responsibility.  

On the other hand, the expansion of corporate values and ethics must be carried out from the top to the bottom within the company's hierarchy.

In this way, the company secretary not only ensures that the members of the executive group follow the working example but can also manage the human talent of important employees within a corporation.