Frank Herbert is known as one of the fathers of science fiction, and it was through his masterpiece, known as "Dune", that he laid the foundation for modern science fiction.

Dune is an unusual book that mixes elements of philosophy, ecology, politics, religion, and elements of the corporate world.

Governments function as corporate enterprises, where the figure of the "company secretary" is fundamental both to advise leaders and to manage any guidelines or orders that are dictated for the benefit of the government. 

In Dune, the traditional "journey of the hero" is told, where the protagonist, called "Paul Atreides", is considered as the messiah to rule a crumbling planet where it is indispensable to know how to survive. 

Paul is destined to become the emperor of the universe and to achieve this he will not only need to use his combat skills and clairvoyance but will also have to install a corporate structure for his empire to reach perfection. 

By delving into issues of ecology, philosophy, and religion, each member of your "board of directors" within the corporate structure will be essential so that you never lose your way as a hero and overcome every enemy and obstacle in your path.