Stilgar's Role In Paul's Life 

As mentioned above, governments try to function efficiently through a corporate structure where the figure of the "company secretary" is essential. In Paul's empire, the character that plays this important role is Stilgar. 

On the planet Arrakis, Paul is destined to become a liberator of a race known as "Fremen". To fulfill his destiny as a liberator and emperor, a man named Stilgar shelters and advises him in culture and religion practically unknown, after Paul suffered a tragedy.  

During Paul's hierarchical growth within the Fremen culture, Stilgar serves as an advisor and teacher for Paul to fulfill his destiny. When he becomes emperor, his "board of directors" is made up of his mother, his master-at-arms, his sister, his lover, and finally Stilgar. 

Stilgar serves as a link so that all parties understand each other and make the best decisions for the benefit of the empire and the Fremen breed (just like a company). He only responds to Paul and can step up to advise him when necessary. Without Stilgar's role in the development of history, Paul would not have complete control of his empire and would lose the trust of the Fremen breed (his army). 

Similarity With The Corporate World 

The same happens if the figure of the company secretary does not exist within a corporate structure in a company. The board of directors would lose the trust of the company's shareholder group if corporate practices are deficient and there is no one to implement corrective management to solve the problems. 

Stilgar is the company secretary of Paul's empire. Without him, the management of his empire would be deficient and he would not be able to achieve all the objectives that they are intended to. 

Similarly, Stilgar is a fundamental part of Paul's growth as a leader. He is his advisor and his best ally to fulfill his destiny and to make sure that the rest of the characters fulfill their responsibilities efficiently, just like a company secretary in a company.