There is no one-size-fits-all webinar software that meets all needs. Each tool has its own strengths and weaknesses. It is your personal requirements and wishes that will define which webinar software is best for you. Here is a comparison of the 3 most popular webinar providers.

ClickMeeting: Flexible Rates Depending on The Number of Participants

    ClickMeeting is a browser-based webinar software that does not require a setup. From € 22 per month, you have access to various features, such as desktop sharing, a whiteboard, polling and voting tools as well as real-time chat translation. The actual price depends on the number of webinar participants. Therefore, you only pay for the pack size actually used. The possibility of carrying out webinars on-demand is included in the “Automated” pack (from 35 €).

The complete branding functions are particularly interesting for companies who can thus design their webinar space completely individually with their logo and their “Corporate Identity”. Integrating Google Analytics along with other webinars and attendee statistics helps you analyse and optimize your webinars. The disadvantage of this webinar software is that it limits the storage space for recording webinars to six or ten hours depending on the rate chosen.



✔ Flexible rates, depending on the number of participants

✘ Payment only by credit card

✔ Compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux

✘ Max. 10 hours of recording

✔ Free trial version for 30 days



✔ Up to 1,000 participants



✔ Live and on-demand webinar



✔ Branding features



GoToWebinar: The Webinar Platform for Businesses

With GoToWebinar webinar software, the creators of GoToMeeting speak specifically to businesses. With a monthly price starting at € 89, this webinar provider is one of the most expensive in our comparison but also offers full functionality.

With the integrated payment system, you can run paid webinars without additional software. Currently, it is only possible to pay in US dollars. In a personalized “GoToStage” space, you can make your webinars available on-demand at any time. GoToWebinar does not support live webinars per se. But this webinar software, however, offers full functionality to simulate live events with short interactive polls, user-defined on-demand responses, and automatic playback.




✔ Compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux

✘ Oversized for individuals


✔ Free trial version for 7 days

✘ Monetization in US dollars only


✔ Up to 1000 participants and up to 5000 with the corporate subscription

✘ No live functionality


✔ Comprehensive analysis tools



✔ Live simulation



✔ Branding features




Zoom: Up To 10,000 Passive Webinar Participants

Zoom has established itself as one of the most popular tools for online conferencing. This clear and versatile meeting solution includes a special add-on for webinars.

The free variant of this webinar tool limits webinars to a duration of 40 minutes and a maximum of 100 participants. For an unlimited webinar duration, you will have to opt for the basic package offered at a monthly price of 12 €. In addition, this add-on for webinars can be customized according to a modular system available from € 31 per month. The price depends on the possible number of participants and moderators.




✔ Individual prices, depending on the number of participants and moderators

✘ No end-to-end encryption, recurring data protection issues


✔ Branding features

✘ A maximum of 100 interactive participants


✔ Live webinars and broadcast on Facebook or YouTube



✔ Up to 10,000 spectators



✔ Integrated analysis tools



✔ Monetization via PayPal or by credit card



✔ Free version available