There are several lists of resources for getting a good logo design. The Internet is a resourceful place where you can search for these resources to help you in learning logo designs. At times, it might not be very clear to choose a particular one that you think might be helpful to you. It is why in this article, I'm going to do a review on the list of the best logo design resources available. Let's have a look at them below;  

1. Logoed: This is one of the best resources for getting a good logo design for your brand. It is a blog showcasing luxurious logo designs. For decades, the site has been around bringing out different varieties of logo designs that will be beneficial to your brand.  

2. Brand New: Here is another recommendable site for getting a good logo design. Suppose you're looking to find a website that provides various information on logo design trends and suggestions, as well as showcasing beautiful logo designs. In that case, this site is definitely for you. 

3. Logospire: If you seek a site that provides inspirational graphic design services, Logospire is a recommendable site to go. It is effortless to navigate the different logo designs because they are numerous on the site. 

4. Logo of the day: Just as the name implies, it is one of the best logo resources available on the web. It was launched in the year and was created by graphic designer Jacob Cass. It features lots of fantastic logo designs daily. It is a site that is highly recommendable if you are searching for high-quality logos.  

5. LogoLounge: This is yet another fantastic logo design resource that consists of enticing and inspirational logos. The site has over 170,000 designs that you can choose from to create magic. It allows designers to conveniently share their ideas and suggestions with their colleagues and customers across the globe. 

6. LogoGala: If you are looking for inspirational logo designs, this site is definitely for you. It is a famous logo design site that consists of creative and amazing galleries and images. One beauty about the site is that it enables graphic artists to explain the technique involved in the designation of the logo to users. 

7. Logo Design Love: The is another fantastic logo design website that is highly recommendable. Graphic designer David Airey launched it. The site is committed to the designation of logos and brand identities. It is usually updated 1-2 times every week, and it features lots of news, opinions, and many others. The way it is designed makes it very easy to find what you are looking for.  

In conclusion, all the sites outlined in this article are recommendable. It is a fact that choosing a good logo design resource might be confusing to you, but this article has helped ensure that the best sites were mentioned. Therefore, choosing any of the resources mentioned above will be beneficial to you.