4. Conduct a Content and Opportunity Analysis 

To better understand your target audience's needs, you should conduct a Content and Opportunity Audit at the outset of your process. It's important to bring the influencers into the discussion. 

Your target audience's general feeling about the types of content you want to deliver, what your rivals are doing with their content marketing must be considered. Your influencers' incentive has to help spread your content, how your target audience perceives you, and what your brand can do to make it meaningful to you are all things you should be looking for in this phase of your influencer marketing strategy.  

5. Choose a Forum 

Each social media site has its own set of advantages, with YouTube favoring longer videos and Instagram limits videos to 60 seconds. Facebook is stepping up its efforts to challenge YouTube's dominance. Brands can quickly and efficiently define which influencers to use through channels partnering with a trusted agency partner.  

Final Thoughts  

While influencer marketing in Asia has grown significantly, you should still follow the guidelines outlined in this article before implementing it. It is also vital for maintaining a healthy relationship with influencers and the growth of your company.