4 Essential Considerations That Can Make Your Name Card Look Professional

Professionals, in particular, need a name card. A business card can be small, but it is extremely effective in assisting you in making the right and strong first impression when meeting new people in order to develop useful business partnerships and affiliations.

Finding an experienced printing service to print a high-quality name card is a must. However, before you begin the printing process, make certain that the design of your name card is flawless.

Here are a few things to keep in mind in order to print a great name card:

1. Paper Stock for Name Cards
Even if you design a beautiful name card, if you can't pick the right kind of paper or card stock, it won't turn out good in the end. If you want to come off as professional, you can't afford to use low-quality or inexpensive paper. You must prefer high-quality paper, even though it is more expensive. High-quality or luxury paper is typically thicker than cheaper paper. You may also use textured paper to make your name card more interesting. If you want to save ink to produce a more sleek look, consider finding coloured paper to make it much simpler to design and print.

2. Shape and Size
Knowing the size and shape of the name card you want from the beginning is important since this detail is required for the business card's accurate designing process. The business card specification should have measurements that correspond to the paper stock size such that the finished product is sharp and crisp with no distortion or inaccuracies. You can go with the standard size of a business card that most other people use because that is convenient. However, if you want to stand out, you can also choose to print bigger or smaller, or even with a different/unique shape.

3. The Resolution of the Design
Always work in 300 dpi to ensure a crisp and clear design. A professional name card should be of the highest quality to reflect the value and credibility of your company as well as your status as a professional in your industry.

4. Quantity of Printing
It's important to know how many name cards you'll need so that you can budget appropriately for their production. Printing services also sell fixed-quantity sets or packs of name cards, so consult with the printing service of your choice to determine how many packs of name cards you need. And if you print too many, it's fine because you'll finally use them all up, even if it takes longer. A name card can be kept for a long time and used again and again.

Simply double-check that the amount you intend to print corresponds to the production budget. However, the actual price of the name card normally decreases as the number of your order increases. So think about it if you want to save money on name card printing.

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