4 Basic Considerations Before Making a Purchase for Rubber Stamp

Rubber stamps are a small office tool that is mostly overlooked but has many advantages. They have long been used for a variety of purposes, facilitating and speeding up the completion of projects.

Rubber stamps are most widely used by decision-makers in businesses, especially large ones, to approve and authenticate essential documents before sending them to the recipient. Your correspondence activities will be more professional and proper if you sign and stamp the document. The receiver of your document will be able to prove the originality and validity of your document by having it stamped.

Of course, there are a few things to consider and decide as you try to order a rubber stamp. Here is a quick overview of the basics that you need to think of before making a final order for your stamps.

1. Stamp Shape
Technology has progressed so far in recent years that there are almost no restrictions on the shape of your stamp. It is, however, probably best not to make it too complicated. You may change the outline to match the emblem of your business or organization. You should totally turn any shape into your stamp for less formal uses, such as crafts or decorations.

2. Stamp Size
There are far more stamp sizes than you can realize. It can also be highly personalized to meet specific requirements. Stamps are usually available in three sizes: mini, medium, and large. Smaller stamps are better for stamping small areas like cards or slips. The most famous stamps are medium stamps, which are used on documents and other papers. Large stamps are often used by delivery services for stamping large objects such as parcels or packages. You must ensure that you purchase the correct stamp size based on your requirements.

3. Ink Colour and Type
For rubber stamping, there are a variety of colours and varieties of ink to choose from. However, not all inks are appropriate for all kinds of rubber stamps. There are specific types of ink that must be used for self-inking stamps and pre-inked stamps in order for them to function properly. It's also crucial to choose a colour that is appropriate for the stamp's intent. If you are creating a stamp to decline or revoke something, red is definitely the right colour to use because it highlights the message. Choose calmer colours for more common and leisurely purposes.

4. Material
The handle or body of the stamp is what the material needs to be considered for.  Rubber stamps may be made with a wooden, plastic, or even metal handle and body. It all depends on the place of use and the purpose of the stamp. For personal or office use, the most common materials are wood and plastic. Except in harsh work environments, such as a factory, metal is hardly used.

Never forget to check these 4 things off first before deciding on what kind of rubber stamp that you are ordering. That way, you will be sure that you are getting the stamp that is best suited for you.