Although the idea of entrepreneurship has had an impact on the world as a whole, governments are competing in this respect and each government helps their entrepreneurs by supplying them with a variety of opportunities. What are the countries with strong chances for an entrepreneur? 


Germany, which is ideal for startups with its modern infrastructure and technologies, also draws enterprises with the possibilities it gives to entrepreneurs. In addition to educational institutions, municipalities also have support for incubation in Germany. Besides, banks offer enterprises special beneficial lending opportunities. There are also state-sponsored funds namely Exist, Invest, and Hightech Gründerfonds. Giant German businesses such as BMW, Siemens, Bosch, and Bayer are now promoting German and international start-ups through funding or collaboration through their own incubators and accelerator programs. 


Switzerland, one of the wealthiest people in the world, is a country with a highly qualified and highly qualified population. It draws the interest of entrepreneurs due to the appealing tax rates and the lack of a system of double taxation. Entrepreneurs who plan to start a product campaign can purchase the "Made in Swiss" unique banner printing and sell it to the world if 60 percent of the product is manufactured in Switzerland. 


Estonia, which has drawn the interest of technology pioneers in recent times, is one of the countries that has supported entrepreneurs with the best prospects in their projects. If the firms have not made an annual turnover of EUR 40,000, Estonia does not have to pay VAT. It leaves this charge solely to personal judgment. Estonia, which does not apply the double taxation system, does not tax the income of the corporation as long as they remain in the company's account. The 20% of the earnings to be paid to Estonia as a tax if the profit is distributed to the partners. 

Estonia also offers an incentive to conduct a variety of services on the Internet, to receive an e-residency visa, to set up your business, and to file a tax return. Also, Estonia offers start-up visas for startups as well as business visas. 

It is very easy to open up from Estonia to the European economy. Companies founded here will have a tax label approved by the European Union. With this tax board, they can conveniently sell their innovations throughout Europe.