In this article, we will provide you with some tips regarding the steps necessary to create a professional logo, highlight your T-shirt brand, and make it unique. From the identification of your need to the criteria for creating a logo, to the final realization. 

How Important the Logo for Your Brand  

The strength of the logo is its visual identity. Studies have shown that people retain visual elements more easily than texts. Naturally, our gaze is focused on visual signals. A photo, a drawing, a graphic, are the first elements that we identify before the written elements.  

“A good sketch is better than a long speech”. This can be verified quite easily in the field of communication.  

We naturally associate logos with brands that we consume, institutions or services that we frequent. The logo is at the heart of the brand, its color and graphics must be neat and make you embark in a journey heading towards the universe of such brand.  

Such logo will be the passport of your T-shirt brand, so as to be identified in all places, at a glance. 

The Different Types of Logos  

It is important to know the different types of logo design in order to know what would suit your brand best and choose the appropriate visual identity:  

  • Typographic logos: they are composed only of text  
  • The pictogram: which reproduces a visual element known to all in schematic form  
  • The mascot: personifying the brand via an animal, a fictional character  
  • The emblem: a kind of dignified seal descending from the medieval coats of arms  
  • The abstract logo: design that does not represent anything concrete known 

Create a Unique Logo Design for Your T-Shirt Brand  

First of all, before you start designing your logo, you have to gather a few elements, ask the right questions. You have to determine the final goal of your brand, make the best possible choices for this unique logo that will be yours.  

To give you an example: you can try to write black on white keywords that come spontaneously to mind when you think about your brand. What are the values you want to communicate with the t-shirt, what mindset you want to put forward, and most importantly, the inevitable question: which is the main audience you want to reach. 

In order to obtain a graphic rendering appropriate to your potential customers, it will be necessary to take an interest in its age, its universe and its consumption habits. 

Prior to Design  

In order to take the right direction for the visual design of your T-shirt brand, do not hesitate to have a critical look at what is done as logo design in the field of fashion.Do not hesistate to include some free gifts to engage your customers.You may give them small trinkets such as some cute sticker printing, vouchers or even a  thank you card to show your appreciation. Select logos that you have seen on the internet or elsewhere and have fun determining the positives and negatives of the general graphics with an eye of potential customer.  

Having an idea of what already exists, will also allow you to determine what you want and what you do not want in terms of graphics. This action will also define and highlight your differences, your originality, you will then be able to position yourself as a solid competitor in the fashion market.