How to Make a Professional Logo?  

It’s not an exact science, but there are still trends in the graphic design of brands, concerning the design of a logo.  

Colour: this is what is most important, it is what we see first, this choice is therefore paramount. For example, 95% of major brands only use one or two colors for their logo. It is obvious that this particular point must be carefully studied to avoid the wrong note.  

If it’s a little abstract for you the art of colors, take a few minutes to look at the meaning of colors in communication. You will learn a lot more and can begin to think about the shades that should be preferred for your logo design.  

Typography: It should be clean, fairly simple and not too long.  

Don’t try to stand out at all costs with a too elaborate font.  

While it is tempting on paper, it could quickly go out of style and give the opposite effect of what you expect, which is to get a final unreadable graphics once the transfer is done. 

When you are in front of your T-shirt brand, you must immediately understand its identity.  

If you have some drawing skills, you can get your hands on dedicated software, in order to trim your logo design project and thus entrust your preferences to a communication agency that will, with its market experience, indicate the best choices for your T-shirt brand. 

The T-shirt Hides Many Things  

If your logo is important, you will have to make sure that the support that will receive it is adapted.  

  • The Material: Indeed, it is necessary to determine precisely the material of your clothes, because the colors chosen may vary depending on the textile that receives the printing.  
  • Size: An example: if your potential customers are children, then the logo will have to be adaptable and visible on small T-shirts, this will play on the graphic details of the design.  
  • If the logo is extremely detailed, it will look good on an adult-sized garment, but on a child-sized garment, not all the details will be visible and that would be a waste.  
  • The shape: If you have a range of long-sleeved T-shirts, it would be interesting to wonder if the logo can be affixed to the sleeves for example, so adapt the font according to the choices of your brand.  

The Most Commonly Used T-Shirt Printing Techniques  

The final print will obviously depend on the budget you have defined in your project for the logo creation, but it should be known that the design of your logo, will have a noticeably different rendering depending on the choice of print. It is interesting to know the most common printing techniques and when they are used: 

  • Digital printing: it will be preferred if you want a fairly complicated and meticulous logo design and if you have small quantities to produce.  
  • Silkscreen printing: it is ideal in case you have a lot to produce and if you opt for a t-shirt brand with bright colors.  
  • Flocking: it is mainly used for lettering on different supports.  
  • Embroidery: it is requested in case you want to obtain a very high quality result.