Whether you are a start-up in the making or a company that wants to rejuvenate its image, the creation of logo is a great solution. But how to have a 100% personalized logo to reflect your brand image?  

Why Have a Logo?  

A logo is one key pillar of communication. Allowing customers to directly recognize you, it does ultimately provide value for your company. A 100% personalized and successful logo will also attract and seduce other customers. Imagine selling a product without a logo? The packaging would be completely neutral and would not attract any clients.  

The design of a company makes it possible to convey a message. We can take the example of WWF. This NGO works for the preservation of endangered species and the protection of the environment. Its logo features a black and white panda. It was inspired by the giant female panda of the London Zoo, called Chi-Chi. This animal makes it possible to instantly understand the purpose of the organization.  

What is an Effective Logo?  

An effective logo is a design that will respect certain parameters. If it respects them, it will be the cornerstone of your communication and your brand. Your corporate logo design should first be recognizable and memorable. That’s what will make people think, for example, “Let’s go to the restaurant with the bear logo”. An easily identifiable design will necessarily allow you to put yourself first compared to your competitors.