A website is one of the most important media tools that will help you to develop your business. So, you should pay a particular attention to its content as well as the background in order to be sure that it will convey the right message to your customers and have a positive impact.  

In order to achieve this goal, we’re going to discover some tips that will help to create a perfect website background, also suitable for pull up banner

 1. Choose the Right UI Colour 

The colours you choose and how you use them in your website's background image are important because they help people read the content on your website. They are a great way to attract attention, arouse emotions, generate desire, increase conversion rates and retain customers. 

2. Prioritize Readability Above All 

The ideal background image for your website should look good, but more importantly, it should also showcase your content. There is no point in choosing a beautiful image if no one can read the text in the foreground.

If you find yourself in this situation, use editing software or CSS to change the contrast, opacity, or even add masks. If that's not enough, look to the font side for the content itself. 

3. Consider Using a Solid Colour 

If you think a photo is not the most suitable type of images for your website background, you can for example opt for a solid colour. This is usually a great way to make sure your website is readable and the contrast level is optimum. Just make sure the colour you choose matches your brand identity, industry, and the impression you want to make.

For example, warm colours, like red and pink, have a dynamic effect. They are therefore ideal for fitness brands. In contrast, cool colours like green and blue have a calming effect. This is the reason why they are the most used colours on the web. 

4. Avoid Overloaded Images 

Remember, even if you decide on a great background image for your website, the readability of your message comes first. Landscapes, for example, are great as a background image because they are both eye-catching and visually understated. 

5. Play on Trends 

To show users that you are a modern brand, opt for one of the best trends of the moment in website design: geometric shapes, immersive 3D elements, bright colour combinations, dark fashion, or consider using the Pantone colour of the year in your design. Remember, if you take this approach, you will surely need to update your clutter regularly, as trends inevitably change sooner or later. 

6. Try the Animation 

Animating your background image is a great way to bring your website to life. However, the animation you choose should be subtle, so as not to distract visitors from the main message of your page. Since the animations are dynamic, it makes sense to combine them with a subtle colour scheme. 

7. Go for a Gradient 

As you probably already know, the trends of the 90s are back, and the design world is no exception. Also, gradient colours are making a comeback all around us. Visually appealing, they can be used as a stand-alone background or overlaid on a photo. This technique is sure to make your website content stand out! 

8. Think About the Mobile Version 

It's 2021 - even if you're building your website on a desktop, the fact is, most of the content available online is viewed from a mobile device. So be sure to take into account the great golden rules below: 

  • Make sure your website is responsive 
  • Make sure users can easily search your website 
  • Do not use Flash 
  • Add the meta tag of the display window 
  • Activate auto-complete for forms 
  • Make sure your buttons are large enough for mobiles