If resorting to the know-how of a graphic designer is a solution for the creation of business cards with an excellent quality, it is a relatively expensive process.

That’s why many people want to create their business card on their own. Indeed, with a good command of computer tools, usual software such as Word, Open Office or Photoshop can make excellent quality business card, so it is sometimes unnecessary to have dedicated software to the creation of business card.  

Making a Business Card in Word 

Almost complete computer tool, Microsoft Word is perfect for creating a Word business card. Not only does it offer access to a series of predefined business card templates that can be personalized, but with a good dose of creativity, you can create a business card from a blank document as well.

Especially if you want to test the extent of your creativity. Making a business card on Word is accessible to everyone, it is relatively simple, when you are good with computer tools. 

Designing Your Business Card in Photoshop  

Photoshop, known as a software of editing and digital photo processing, is also perfect for creating business cards worthy of interest. This software provides access, in fact, to many functions.

However, to be able to create a business card with Photoshop, it is recommended that you master the principle of operation of this software.

It is also important to have a good dose of creativity. By cons, beginners can get help through a tutorial that shows how to make a business card in Photoshop. Beginners may find a plenty of courses on YouTube channels.