Making A Business Card on Open Office 

It is good to know that, in the context of the creation of a business card, the result obtained from the Open Office software may surprise you with its quality. In addition, depending on your skill, you have the choice between drawing on Open Office (Open Office Draw), which is recommended for business cards with significant graphic art, and Open Office Writer.

It's a relatively easy job to create, especially that tutorials available on the internet will show you how to make a business card with Open Office. However, it is necessary to know how to use free resources such as photos, fonts or even clipart and to acquire a good dose of creativity.

So, What Software to Use for Making Business Cards?  

There is a plethora of business card maker software out there that can deliver professional looking results. Some are more popular than others, thanks to their ease of use and efficiency.

Among those that stand out, we can distinguish Microsoft Word, which turns out to be a business card creation software, easy to learn. We can also cite the online software Canva which allows you to discover a large number of examples of business cards.

But of all that stands out, Adobe InDesign business card software is hands down the best, so loved by individuals and professionals alike.