Furthermore, you can try out referral cards as well. It is used to recruit more customers through the existing customers. It must come with a reward system that appreciates both the invited (the new customer) and the invitee (the existing customer). Referral cards are handed over to existing customers, and the more they share it, the more your business brand is made known. This approach is reasonably practical, and we could say the effectiveness surpasses that of a professional name card printing

Finally, you can as well make use of discount tags in place of a name card. If you do this, you will need to be a bit creative in your design and the content of the discount tag. Apart from the percentage discount or coupon code on the card, you will need to find a way to stylishly include contact details, business branch if there is more than one branch.  

As you improvise the name card design with any stated options, it is essential to note that the motifs must be appealing and reflect professionalism. If it is creative enough, people will be willing to share it and even showcase it. Remember, people are attracted by what they see before they even read.