5. Look At Something Familiar In A New Way 

Jogging on the treadmill for 30 minutes everyday will eventually make you bored. But if you find new ways to use the treadmill, like switching up the incline to work your glutes or doing sprint intervals all of a sudden, you will be excited about your workouts again. 

You can do the same thing with your creativity! 

Try the Alternative Uses Test, developed by JP Guilford in the late 1960s, by choosing something familiar that you use everyday (in the original test, people used a paper clip). Then, for two minutes, think of as many new uses for it as possible. 

6. Explore The Bookstore 

Just like learning a new move in the gym can inspire your workouts, learning something new can do wonders for your creativity. And the best place to learn something new? The bookstore, of course! 

Take a field trip to the bookstore (or the library), and explore a section completely unrelated to what you do. Pick up a book and read about something completely out of your realm of understanding. 

If you’re a designer, you might pick up a book about equine therapy, the history of New Wave music, or fashion. 

Expose yourself to new information to challenge your brain and get the creative juices flowing. 

Plus, you’ll have all sorts of great trivia for your next cocktail party! 

7. Simplify 

Sometimes, the simplest things are the most challenging. That’s true in the gym (have you ever tried to do a perfect squat?) and it’s true in design. 

For making attractive sticker printing, challenge yourself to design something using as few design elements as possible. What can you create using only round shapes? Or lines? Or a two-color palette? 

Simplifying will force you to examine how to use each element effectively, which can help you invent new ways to incorporate each element into your designs.

Start Your Creativity Workout Routine! 

We all have days when it’s hard to find creative inspiration (or inspiration to go to the gym, for that matter). But with this creativity workout routine, you’ve got everything you need to work that creative muscle and get inspired!