3. Become An Idea Machine 

If you’re a runner, your main exercise will be running. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to throw other types of fitness into the mix. 

Same goes for design. Work your creative muscle with artistic exercises, but if you want to be your most creative, switch things up and throw different kinds of exercises into the mix. 

One exercise that’s going to give you some serious bang for your buck? Becoming an idea machine. 

“The idea machine” concept was pioneered by investor, author, and podcaster James Altucher, and it’s pretty simple: come up with ten new ideas every single day. 

Have different topics each day. They might be related to work, for example: “10 design tools that haven’t been invented yet” or “10 ways to find new clients”.

Or something completely unrelated, like “10 ideas for next summer’s big blockbuster” or “10 Movies that deserved the Oscar. 

You won’t use most of these ideas, but that’s not the point. You’ll make new connections, start thinking outside of the box, and give your creativity a chance to shine in a new way. 

4. Draw or Design The Same Thing Every Day 

When you’re practicing a sport, you literally need to do the same thing every single day in order to get better. Doing the same exercises over and over again makes you strong. 

For example, when making a self ink stamp design, you might not think the same thing would be true with design, but repeating the same designs over and over can actually work wonders for your creative muscles.

You will find ways in how to improve the design as well as finding those mistakes to fix!