Mobile Self-Services 

Following the pandemic, businesses had to improve the mobility of their services. Companies had to make their products and services easily accessible from any part of the world with an internet connection. They were able to manage customer relationships by adopting the use of self-service through their apps. Most businesses have created software applications to provide the needed assistance to their customers through its features. 

Customer Data Integration 

This has helped organizations manage the use of their customer database. It reduces the stress involved in manually gather customer data and putting them in a unified form which one can also access through cloud computing. This aspect of customer relationship management helps your organization recognize your customer even if they communicate from a different platform than when you captured their data. It also helps in cross-selling your products. 

Social Media Integration on Company Platform 

Customers can make decisions about buying from a company from their experience with their customer service. It is essential in customer relationship management to provide adequate services to your customers. Social media is now a tool for people to voice their bad experiences with a service or product but can be a blessing if adequately harnessed. It outs your company out there and, to some extent, shows people that you are confident of your products and services. 

These are trends that have been evident in 2021 and are showing traits of surviving even beyond 2021. It would help if you looked forward to integrating them into your customer relationship management.