6 Crucial Things That Often Gets Overlooked When Designing a Name Card

A name card that looks good is important, but only the visual is not everything that matters.  Aside from aesthetics, other aspects affect the quality of a business card, and the layout and printing processes are equally critical in deciding the final result. Here are six suggestions for printing a professional-looking name card.

1. Typeface
While choosing a font seems to be straightforward, many people still make the mistake of thinking that the fancier the font, the better it is. In fact, it is preferable to keep your name card's font simple and easy to read.

Rather than forcing the style by using a range of flashy fonts, play around with the bold and size so that the receiver of your name card can clearly read and appreciate the detail.  Make sure the text is in a decent font and has a good hierarchy so that nothing in your design gets in the way.

2. Display Company Logo
A name card is a show of your business, so you need to let people know what kind of company you represent. It's vital to include your company's or brand's logo so that customers can immediately connect the details on the business card to your company.
Using the company logo on your name card template helps to increase brand awareness with prospective buyers and clients, so it's a very good advantage.  It may sound trivial, but it can have a huge effect.

3. Empty Space
Leaving a certain amount of empty space on your name card design is a good idea. When you share contact details and converse with others, certain people will need to jot down additional information on the received business card. It would be much easier for people to take note of things that are important and not forget if you have any extra space on your card.

4. Layout 
A successful name card has a well-organized layout that does not distract the reader. A good name card layout has enough space between each component, as well as proper orientation and placement.

5. Thickness of Card Stock
Different weights and thicknesses of card stock are available. Thicker or heavier card stock is best if you want to offer a more formal and proper impression. It will bring an exquisite touch to your card and make you look more professional. Even if it is marginally more costly than regular quality paper stock, it is well worth it and will help you stand out more.

6. Always Double-Check
A professional name card has no mistakes. After the design process is complete, ensure that all the text, decorations, pictures, and other embellishments found in the design of your name card are checked at least twice to make sure that they are perfectly designed and printed later on.

These days, you don't have to worry about all these as there will be a lot of designers who can help to ensure that you get the best design possible for your name card.