When it comes to custom rubber stamps, you’ll find a number of customized and personalized options for signature, logo imprinting, and more.

There can be a number of uses for rubber stamps and these simple accessories can be found in a number of settings. It is commonly found in offices and can be used to mark dates or standard phrases on documents. Stamps are also commonly used in arts and crafts for producing designs and artwork. While there is a wide range of pre-made stamps available on the market, it is also possible to have custom rubber stamps produced and these can be used for a range of purposes. 


There are a few different styles of rubber stamp available and typically you will need to select the best one to suit your purposes before getting a rubber stamp custom made. The options to choose from include a separate stamp and ink pad which is the style that has been most commonly used over the years. However modern versions of the rubber stamp include self inking stamps and in this model the stamp and inkpad are combined as one unit. It is also possible to get pre-inked stamps these days and this is where the ink is held within the stamp itself and no inkpad is required. Most companies that produce custom rubber stamps offer a choice of different styles, although when ordering is best to check the style you will receive to ensure it suits your needs. 

Companies Who Make Them 

There are a number of companies that produce custom rubber stamps for business purposes. Some of those to consider include Staples, Office Depot and Xpress Stamps. Custom business stamps can be used for a number of purposes. Having a stamp made with a business address can be a simple way to address letters rather than hand writing them. A rubber stamp can also be produced with a company logo and for those that need to sign a lot of letters on a daily basis a signature rubber stamp can be an easier and less tiring way of doing this. The size of a custom produced rubber stamp will vary depending on the information required on it. It can range from a single word stamp up to those of a size that can accommodate 10 lines or more of text. The size will generally be the main factor affecting price. Smaller custom made stamps can cost around $10 to purchase although for larger stamps the price can rise to around $100. 

Specialization For Arts and Crafts 

There are also a number of rubber stamp producing companies that specialize more in arts and crafts stamps. These can typically produce a rubber stamp that has a custom design on it. This can be a simple design, a piece of artwork or it is even possible to get stamps made that can produce an image of a photo. These can be used for making your own artwork or can be used in home decoration for producing a design. Some of the companies that produce these types of custom rubber stamps include The Stampin Place and Picture My Stamp. 

Why You Need Custom Rubber Stamps 

Custom rubber stamps can have a number of applications. Whether you need one produced for business or leisure purposes there are a range of companies that can assist in making them. The customised rubber stamp produced are typically good quality and are a simple way to make an image over and over again with little effort. They can help you save time and effort and this makes them a good choice for your home or office.